Advance Road Generator

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I want this!

Advance Road Generator

Rahul patil
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Hello users,

This is Draw tool based Road generator only 1.1 where you get these features....

model you will get

Low poly Grass

Tree model

4 Type of rock

5 Vehicles

1 character with multiple shape key

5 low poly Buildings

street lamp

1.City or forest 2 in 1 feature as u want to use. for 1.1 version

2.Scattering randomization and density control of grass,tree,rocks,building.


features updated 2.0

1.Road Width control with crossing feature

2.Lighting control.

3.Devider featurte with tree and lighting

4. Extrude road feature.

5. Traffic control

you can Replace original assets with your own assets . Also you can change ground and Road texture with material section in Modifire tab or with geometry node editor or with shader editor.

You can use this Nodegroup for personally or your commercial projects.

You can share your result with me Made with this tool.

Future update will be release free for members.

Limitation :-

  1. Draw only on flat surface ,on Uneven surface may be found some issue.
  2. Multilane Not supported but You can change Road texture and make Road one lane ,two lane or any other.
  3. Dont draw low angle curves. Draw long curves. Dont changes values too much.

you cannot sell product as your, you can modified this product for personal use or for projects.

If you found any issue you can contact with me rahu1610.1993@gmail.com

I want this!

Advanve Road gen is your


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