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A city generator that makes it easy to create cities with a free city block with blender geometry nodes.

Use of city

Cities can be created directly from the sample set and used for Animated movie and also for vfx or background.

City can be created by grid or simple mesh editing.


  1. Randomize building types and building shapes.
  2. Parking areas
  3. park area
  4. sidewalk and random building sidewalks
  5. Small garden areas
  6. Lighting
  7. Vegetation and some road prop detailes
  8. Included lot of models with 17 shop front models that can be used for front of buildings.


Requires blender 3.4 or higher.

Operation confirmed with blender 3.4

[Contents of distribution]

blend file -Generator itself

Texture image files

3D models


This node is designed to be usable even if you are not familiar with blender, but it does not explain the very basic operations of blender.

We hope you will understand this before purchasing the node.

We plan to modify the node contents as needed, but please understand that this is a node developed by an individual and that it is incomplete.

For personal use, no contact is necessary for commercial or non-commercial use, but we would be very happy if you could report us your use of the node.

For commercial use by a company or organization, please let us know. If you use the work for commercial purposes, we will ask you to give credit to the work.

[Terms and Conditions]

Buyer and User must agree to the following:

The purchaser and user are authorized to

Use (whether commercial or non-commercial) of the 3D model resulting from the output of the geometry node (hereinafter referred to as "the node") included in this distribution data.

However, this excludes works and content that fall under the examples listed in the conditions for non-permission.

Distribution, sale, etc., of home-made parts asset data for use in this node

Use of the included building parts asset data for self-made contents

Purchasers and users are not permitted to

Use in works or content that encourages discrimination, acts of violence, or attacks beyond reasonable criticism against real people, groups, nations, or specific attributes of human beings

Use for criminal acts and civil law torts.

Asserting exclusive rights or copyrights to this node itself, or to the included building part asset data, example data, or image textures

This does not apply to output result data, self-made asset data, and self-made textures.

Please note that due to the nature of parameter generation, basic generation using sample asset data, sample textures, and basic grid may result in 3D models identical to those of others.

Incorporation of this node into NFT contents and incorporation of the included building parts asset data, image textures, and example data

Redistribution or resale of this node itself

Redistribution and resale of geometry nodes that have been partially modified from this node


We cannot guarantee any damage caused by using this node.

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RK City Generator

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